Friday, March 9, 2012

Something special about a card or letter

My Name is Sergeant Major L.S. and I am writing this e-mail to express my sincere thanks to all those responsible for Operation Write Home.

I had only been in Afghanistan for a few days when I realized if I did not send a card or something to my wife and my daughter for Valentines day it would be late.

I went to the little PX we have here to purchase a card or something and nothing - that's when one of my Soldiers produced a box full of cards some of which looked homemade.

I selected my cards sent them off for free and though I missed the suspense by a couple days my wife and daughter loved them.

I know we have e-mail, twitter and facebook but there is something special about a card or letter even if it's just a quick note inside.

My wife has saved every letter and card I have ever sent while on deployment.

So thanks again - what all of you are doing makes a big difference.

Very Respectfully
Sergeant Major L.S.

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