Sunday, January 15, 2012

We have been able to keep in touch

Ms. Sandy Allnock,

I wanted to thank you and Operation Write Home for all of the wonderful cards we have received throughout our deployment. We are nearing our 12 month mark in March. I am very excited to finally get home and spend time with my husband and the rest of my family. I work in a staff section of about 25 soldiers we coordinate movement of equipment, medical logistics and operations, maintenance, ammunition, and supply. Between all of the soldiers who work here and soldiers from other sections in my company we have been able to keep in touch with loved ones. I heard about Operation Write Home from the unit we replaced last March and I will be sure to tell the incoming unit about your organization as well. Since we are nearing our last months we will slowly stop receiving mail. We still have some cards on hand so I don't think we will need any more boxes. I don't know if there is a process to cancel our cards or if this note is enough. I really am grateful for all of the hard work and support from all the volunteers and donors. Thank you and may God bless you all!!


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