Friday, January 6, 2012

I did it right this year with your help


I'm really bad at Christmas Cards, but this year I felt obliged to write given the absolutely beautiful cards that I passed whenever I entered the Joint Operations Center here in Kabul. I'm a big email guy, but I know special occasions require something extra, and the cards provided the medium. If arm-twisting was your intention, it worked!

I'm with I-Corps here in Afghanistan, and we're filling slots in IJC (which stands for ISAF Joint Command - ISAF standing for International Security Assistance Force.) I got here in July '11, and it's appearing I'll be leaving in June '12 (a few weeks less than a year, yeah!) We're located just north of the Kabul International
Airport. It started to snow a couple days ago, and we have ~ 3 inches accumulation. The duty is not hard, and we work with soldiers from about 49 other countries, so it keeps things interesting. I do hope
your cards made it out to more austere portions of Afghanistan where our soldiers have it worse than me.

I didn't notice your operation when I was in Iraq, but when I first saw your cards here, I was very impressed. Your volunteer work is a very valuable service in my opinion, so thank you very much! The
cards so inspired me that I'm going to try to make my own cards next year. After all, if you're going to send cards, you might as well do it right! At least I did it right this year with your help.


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Holly Iossa (Homeschool Homestead) said...

Thank you so much for sharing, and your service.