Friday, January 20, 2012

The cards are a serious pick-up

Ms. Sandy Allnock,

We're very grateful that you've choosen B Company, 172D Support Battalion to adopt. Our Soldiers conduct vehicle maintenance around the clock and various other duties. These hard working men and women appriciate your support and they'll look for you on facebook and a link within the
brigade to the 172D Support Battalion will show more of us. We salute you and those that brace us as we get through our journey and hopefully we'll meet one day soon. Thanks for reinforcing our base foundation
known as the Bandit Family Readiness Group too. I encourage any additional interaction that shores up our Soldiers and Families morale on both fronts.

The last picture was a platoon photo during SPC K's promotion. The middle photo has me by the gidon in the front.

The cards are a serious pick-up and we keep a box out for troops daily. I'm very sorry I haven't written sooner, but around the clock, I run a company that supports numerous units to keep all of our Soldiers safe.

1SG M. L. J.

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