Sunday, November 13, 2011

A huge thanks to you!

Received by a cardmaker....

Once in a while as I am attached to permanent or temporary deployments, I happen to always run into the local USO or MWR (Morale, Welfare, recreation - Marine Corps) tent in far, far away bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Currently, I am on a temporary trip from Headquarters Marine Corps - Washington DC to visit other Marine units and ensure compliance is adhered to in a combat operations environment for approximately 40 days in country. I happened to walk into the MWR tent here in Camp Leatherneck - Marine Base, in southern Afghanistan. There were approximately 20 letters pinned to the board here where only two had contact information - which one was yours.

I would like to personally thank you very much in taking the time to thank all the service members out here for what we do. It is an easily forgotten cause, especially when it does not grab the media headlines as often as it did during the tumultuous times of 2005-2008 when we were suffering many casualties then.

But it makes me smile - even more, the many enlisted members when they see that some back home - that many do not have any military ties whatsoever - express their gratitude for what they do out here....which equates to the stability and democracy for all around the globe. I can personally tell you I am extremely proud of our nation and people that make up what we believe in - the freedom to express whatever opinion without having the fear of reprisal. Notwithstanding what political affiliation we may have, I am proud to defend those that support what we do, and most importantly - those that do not support what we do. That is what makes our country so strong and well above many around the globe.

So in summary - a huge thanks to you! I wish you the best in what you are doing now. We have no hesitation in what we do and it is definitely not for the money! Take care...


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