Sunday, November 13, 2011

Big Impact!


We received the recent box you sent with the BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cards. Thank you so very much!

I also received your letter in regards to your departure. Please let me be one of the many to say that your commitment and dedication to this program has been phenomenal. We have only been receiving the boxes a few months, but the morale of our team has increased with the arrival of the “CARD BOXES”. When the last one arrived, everyone crowded round the box to see and pick their favorites of all the cards!!

We have many people here (including myself) that love to write letters to relatives and these cards are just the right touch! I have three children (15/9/7) and send them cards every few days… they love getting them!! My 15 year old daughter is so creative and even wants to volunteer to make cards for the program when I get home !!! I am truly blessed!!

So you know, we are a group of around 150 military (Army, Navy, Air Force- both enlisted and officer), Department of Defense Civilians, and a handful of contractor personnel. We all make up Team LOGCAP (Logistics Capabilities Augmentation Program)- we monitor and have oversight of the multibillion dollar contract for Basic Life Support and security to the troops (think Troop augmentation with contractors). We are scattered and live at over 20 locations here in Southern Afghanistan and live directly with the greatest customers in the world—our military force. We ensure the troops have a good meal, hot shower, warm bed.. and it’s in a safe environment. Consider us the ones holding the contractor accountable for making sure the military gets all those things. We are all here on 6-12 month rotations, and many of us are here for the 3-4th time.

I mention the previous because when you last box arrived, we had about 10 of our sites that asked for cards to be sent to them.. I went through the box and pulled out a handful for each location and sent it off to them.. so if there is any way to ask your replacement , Ms Hopkins to send us another box (if available- I know you have many people asking) … we would all appreciate it.

Thank you again for all your hard work – and enjoy the next chapter and I look forward to getting involved in the program when I get HOME!!!

Thank you!

Yes, I'm sending another box tomorrow!

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