Friday, November 4, 2011

Almost out of the first box you sent

Thank you so much!! Got my Christmas box!! AmAzInG again!! Here is what I have that is new for me. Apparently there are all sorts of orginizations out there like you guys, and well they have all started writing me and sending me packages which is AWESOME!!! However, I am the type of person that needs to let people know how thankful I am for what they do for me, so my question is, can you possibly send me some more "thank you", "just a note", "hi", you know those type of cards so I can keep writing to all of the wonderful people in the world that are taking time out of their busy lives to send me stuff!! Let me know, if you cannot I completely understand, but I am almost out of the first box you sent. Everyone here loves them too, last box I got people took the halloween and Thanksgiving cards quicker than I could show them the different ones ; )Thanks so much again,
You are truly MY hero!!

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