Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dangerous around here when the OWH box of cards arrive

I'm glad you mentioned in your letter that you would send twice as many Christmas cards in the next box. It is getting dangerous around here when the OWH box of cards arrive and there are not enough cards for a specific holiday to go around. Everyone absolutely LOVES these cards. It has gotten so bad I have ladies from my church requesting me to send their friends a card so they can have one. They really are gorgeous and unbelievably professional in design, content, and color scheme. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for Christmas. I just hope I am in the area and not out on mission when the box We had a new Soldier arrive from the states and she saw the box of cards on the table. Like me she had never heard of Operation Write Home. We both were deployed to Iraq before this deployment and never heard of you...for shame. Thank you again and your organization are much appreciated.

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Sherry Hickey said...

What wonderful feedback and praise for our cards! So glad our heroes enjoy them!