Friday, July 29, 2011

Such a comfort to me

Dear Sandy,
I wanted to personally thank your organization for the cards that were supplied through a soldier, PFC S.M.

I am a single mom who writes to her family and friends a lot. It's such a comfort to me to let them know that I'm fine in such a creative way.

My children's dad is having problems, and my 15 and 16 year old are stuck in the middle of all of it. The creativity in those cards is beyond words. The deployment has been hard on them to say the least. I'm a Christian mom who knows every day that God loves me beyond all measure and truly supplies the needs of my family and me daily. My children will be staying with their dad this next year til June 2010 until my return. Your beautiful cards help to lessen the blow of all the challenges that exist for them at this time.

With a very sincere and thankful heart, God bless you all!

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