Monday, July 25, 2011

Plans to Get Involved with OWH!

I received the box this weekend. We only get our mail every 10 days so it could have been sitting there for a bit. My unit has already torn through and taken many great cards to send home! What a great organization I must say!
I have news that I may be leaving Iraq very soon. I find out tomorrow after I see a doctor. If this happens then I would like to ask that you to please replace my name on the next box with "MAJ T.R." with the same address. She is another Major in my unit and will be sure the Soldiers get the cards.
If I do redeploy- I plan to get involved in Operation Write Home. I see that you are in Charlotte, NC...I live in So Pines, NC and work at Ft Bragg. 
Thank you so much and I will let you know in the new few days what my plan is...thank you again for the cards- my Soldiers love them!

Maj. K.H.

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