Friday, July 29, 2011

MAJOR kleenex alert!

Dear Sandy (and all supporters of OWH),
I really want to thank you for the support you give us with finely crafted cards and letters of encouragement. Sadly, I admit you are much more diligent in your support to us than I have been in showing my gratitude. Please do not let my complacency dissuade your efforts. I assure you all of us are very appreciative and the collection of cards always goes quickly!

While I would like to share a picture of us with your cards, I work in a classified environment and we are not allowed portable electronic devices. My friends and family have greatly enjoyed the quality cards I've used to correspond with them, all the way back to Halloween. That's when I first came across your cards (in a package to a coworker. Shortly thereafter I started receiving cards from you and you remained a signature characteristic of my deployment. I kept the wonderful pictures of the loving and adorable Ciara on my desk throughout my tenure as well.

To tell you how your cards have made a difference to my family, I'd like to share with you a little about me. My husband and I have 3 daughters; 6, 12, and 16 years old. Our 6 yr old barely remembers my last deployment (thankfully) as she was only 2 then. Our older 2 girls are blind. With your tactile designs, I have written my girls quite often, always taking care and extensive deliberation over which cards they would enjoy most (best "feeling"). Of course for my youngest I chose cute cards, whether silly or pretty but all associated to aesthetically pleasing.

I took mid-tour leave in February, surprising our youngest for her 6th birthday, and found all of the cards I'd sent them! Each girl had her own growing collection that she treasured and could revisit whenever they missed me.

Your care and the support of your organization has also touched the hearts of my family and I am forever grateful to have shared this deployment with all of y ou. Many thanks!



Kathy V. said...

That's the whole reason I got involved with OWH, to hopefully touch lives like this. What a wonderful encouragement to all of us cardmakers. Thank you doesn't even come close.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Kathy V. Great that M.A. took the time to let us know what the cards have meant to her. Whether we hear from them or not, I am committed to making as many cards as I can to help our heroes stay in touch. It's just so nice to hear, though.