Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kleenex Alert!!

Hello Dixie,
My wife is currently 29 weeks pregnant, and she is on bed rest. She is getting lots of help, meals, child care, people driving her to appointments. I was feeling very inadequate about my role in helping her, until I realized I could send Thank yous. My wife has a hard time accepting help, and has told me, that me doing the thank yous is a huge help to her. Everyone here in my office has loved the cards. My wife and I recently celebrated our Anniversary(7 JUL). I started sending her a card each day, 21 days out to commemorate our 21 years. She told me she will always remember that. Please send me another box of cards, with a lot of thank you, and love cards. I sent this email yesterday to the info@operationwritehome address. I sent it from my other Army account, so I am not sure it went through.
Thank you for all you do.
CW4 D.D.

FYI- I'm on my way to the PO right now!! 

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