Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Appreciate it

Sandy, Leslie, Monica, SuzAnn, Kathy, Linda, Eileen, Dee,

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you thanks. Hadn't heard about this until I stopped by the chapel here at Camp Nathan Smith in Kandahar City Afghanistan.
Saw the card and picked up a couple to write home to my wife on.
Didn't realize what it was until this morning when I wrote a note to my wife, in hopes when it arrived at Colorado Springs and she opened it would make her feel good to read it and maybe brighten her day. I
started to close it and noticed the sticker on the back and Googled OWH.
Thanks for what you and your team do.
So many Americans take time out of their lives to help those deployed by doing something like this.
Appreciate it.
Shame someone wasn't doing this during my tour in Viet Nam ages ago.
Yup I've been around a couple of weeks. First as a Soldier now as a Tactical Safety trying to get these guys/gals to take a second and think about safety in this dangerous environment. Will go back down to the chapel and grab a few cards throw in my ruck to take out when I do my circulations to the many out laying camps and out posts.
Good stuff
E. K.

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