Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Much Needed Boost

I just received another box of cards from you and your organization! Thank you so much for the cards. My guys love them. It is nice to be able to send a nice card home to our friends and family. They provide a much needed boost not only to the Soldiers who are able to send them, but to the family members and friends who receive them. We have the boxes available for all our Soldiers to use and they love them. The variety and holiday specific cards have been great. Many Soldiers have commented on how pleased their wives are to get a thoughtful card out of the blue. We are set to leave here at the end of August so the cards we just receive will last us until we are gone. I will pass any remaining cards to our follow-on unit so they may benefit from them as well. You and your organization have done us a great service. Please pass along my heartfelt thanks to all those who are involved.
Thanks again,
Army, Iraq

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