Monday, June 20, 2011

I believe in what you are doing

Thank you so much for what you do. These cards are wonderful and such a blessing. I know you don't feel I should donate to a cause that is a gift of no cost to me*, but I believe in what you are doing and I want to make sure others are able to receive the blessing from your organization.

We have a PX in every Base here in Iraq, but the card selection is horrible. One time I had to buy a card for my sone for his birthday. He is only one year old and loves Elmo. They had only one baby birthday card in all the selection and it read, "Happy Birthday Grandson!" :) So because it had Elmo I had to get the card. I took some white out, marked over Grandson and replaced with Hudson, his name. The card has some humor to it now and will always be a reminder of the place I was when it was his first birthday. :)

Now that I have explained the need for your cards you can understand why we love them so much!

I also love the personal notes included in each box** along with the pictures. *** It adds a personal touch and truly expresses how much you and those who work with you truly care about us here. Since receiving the two boxes I have mailed so many cards home and everyone is enjoying the creativity in each one. I have shared the box of cards with my office and they are loving them as well. Especially before holidays - I don't think we had a single Mother's Day card left after everyone went through the box! I'll do my best to get a picture for your collection.

Be safe and give that leg plenty of rest so  you can heal!

*she did make a donation. And was chided (in a friendly way) for it!
**AnyHero notes

***photos of Ciara 

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