Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cards Create "Wonderful Memories"

Thank you so much for the second shipment of cards! They
are...well, the only words that comes to mind; and may "date" me, is
AWESOME!! Another box received, another box emptied! I'm sure you
receive tons of positive responses from Service Members all the time,
but I want you to know I am very grateful for the sacrifice of time,
effort, energy, money etc. that all of you wonderful card makers give up
to support us while we are deployed. I cannot describe to you the
overwhelming joy knowing I am sending a genuine piece of art to my loved
ones back in the States. I think the biggest "sellers" in the package
for my Soldiers have been the I love you, I miss you and the I am
thinking of you cards. I think it's wonderful to see the cards that are
geared towards the younger children. I have boys from 18-3 and it's
nice to send them a note every now and them that is 'age appropriate."
Dixie, thank you for the wonderful memories these cards create.


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