Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a Fine Looking Crew!

I just received your awesome box of cards. Those have got to be the nicest cards I have ever seen. The people that made the cards are very talented. Thanks so much, they will definitely get used and just in time for Father’s Day.

My guys don’t always take the time to go buy cards for their family members. But, now they will not have any excuses. I know our families love to hear from us as much as we love to receive mail from them. It is not the same as it was before email and the internet, but everyone still loves to get something in the mail.

That is a very pretty picture of an iris. I missed the tulips blooming at my house this year. (I sent a picture of an iris in the card I sent to him.)

I have attached a picture of my boat crew. You can see part of our 175 ft long Army vessel behind us. We eat, sleep and work on this boat, it is our home for the next year. Our boat is used as a dive platform, for diving operations, we haul connex containers and all sorts of Army equipment.

Well, thanks again for a wonderful bunch of cards. And remember, we over here do what we do, for people like you. Thanks for supporting us from home, it is greatly appreciated.

God Bless,

SFC D.W. and the crew of the LCU 2018 Five Forks


Velda said...

Picture doesn't show, just a red X. Love the message.

Lisa Oliver said...

Thanks for sharing! This is wonderful inspiration. I can't even imagine living on a 175ft boat for a year.

TK said...

These letters from the troops always give me eye puddles. It just sends me back to my craft table to make more cards! Thanks for sharing.