Monday, May 2, 2011

We just got the official word

Hello Operation Write Home, it's a great day here in Afghanistan. We just got the official word that Osama Bin Lladen has finally been brought to justice. Finally!

We are a combat stress unit that helps soldiers deal with the stressors of combat, home issue and just about anything that bothers them. We have several teams around the country and while visiting one of them, I saw some of your cards at one of our clinics. They are really, really, nice. As you know, contact to and from home is always very important and often better than email. E-mail is great, but a card you can keep in your pocket and take with you everywhere. My wife says she likes to read my letters home more than once and keeps them by the bedside.

I was wondering how my unit might be able to get some of your cards to keep on hand at the clinics? We keep lots of snacks and anything else we can find around for soldiers to come in and take what they need. Sometimes, the free stuff is what brings the soldiers in and it leads to them opening up about issues, etc, so having the cards might be another way to bring in business.

 Please let me know if this would be possible and thanks for your support.

1SG K.F.

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