Friday, May 27, 2011

Two boxes full of beautiful handmade cards

Greetings from Iraq!

Thank you for all the people who've made those beautiful cards that we've received to use to write to our families! Our soldiers all appreciate the support. We've now received two boxes full of beautiful handmade cards, which we've shared with our soldiers located at seven different bases throughout the northern sector of Iraq.

I write to inform you to hold off on sending anymore cards to us because we are moving our headquarters, and anything you send will be lost in the shuffle. We are a small unit and easily lost or forgotten about. With the withdrawal of soldiers from the theater, it might be prudent for you to slow down shipments of cards to Iraq and reroute them to Afghanistan instead. Mail is going to be slower and we have to start dwindling things we have on hand.

Again, thank you for your wonderful sacrificial acts of kindness and love in support of our soldiers serving in Iraq! Incidentally, our unit is from Ft. Lewis; it would be lovely to visit your organization after we go back home.


Chaplain (CPT) USA

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Melissa B. said...

What a beautiful thought! Sending holiday greeting cards is a great way to welcome the troops home during the holidays.