Sunday, May 29, 2011

I lack the words to describe the experience

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Dear Operation Write Home,
Today we received thank you notes from our son who is serving in Baghdad. He is half way through his second tour. These are the first notes we have received from him.
[He] came home on leave two weeks ago, taking immediate leave to get married before his now wife embarks on a civilian tour of duty in Afghanistan. He used your cards for wedding thank yius. Your cards gave him the means of expressing his joy, gratitude and love for family.
Honestly I lack the words to describe the experience of the wedding, saying good bye to two brave young people returning to war zones after marrying, welcoming this new union, experiencing the post wedding separation, receiving words of appreciation from our son.
Thank you for this project. Special thanks to Carol of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Susan S said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing