Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I can send a little piece of me to my kids

Dear Sandy, Ciara, and the many that make beautiful cards for US Troops,

I am in the 67th BFSB stationed out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Our first encounter with Operation Write Home was through our Chaplain's Office a month or two after we arrived in Iraq. We were so excited to see such pretty cards after looking at what limited selection they offered at the PX. Most cards at the PX were for husbands to send to wives/moms, which is nice, except when you're the wife/mom serving over here! The girls and I started our own little stockpile of cards to send our kids and our husbands,  along with friends and other relatives (the guys love and use the cards too!)

I have 3 kiddos, Hannah is 8, Hayden is 7, and Hunter is 2. The cards were so cute that I decided every Friday I would send each one of my kids one, letting them know how proud I was of them and "good job" cards for school and activities. The kids enjoyed them so much that they hung pretty ribbons in their room and displayed the cards to look at daily, a constant reminder that I am always thinking about them.

I can't speak much about what I do in Iraq, but I can tell you that the days are long, nights are short, weather rarely cooperates, and homesickness is felt by all. The people that are making cards and writing letters brings so much joy to us that it is hard for me to explain in a letter. What is really wonderful is when we get the cards, we are happy and excited, carefully picking out the most perfect one for our loved ones. We write on the cards and that happiness is portrayed through our words giving hope and smiles to our friends and families back home. I love that I can send a little piece of me to my kids on Fridays, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you!

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