Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hero Will be a Card Maker for OWH!

Cardmaker Kathy W. from Laurel, MD received this email from a Hero:

I just want to personally thank you for the beautiful hand made card from operation write home.  I am in the AF Reserves and am currently deployed in Iraq at the moment.  I work near the USO here, which has a shelf of handmade cards from this organization.  I absolutely love looking through them and using them to write back home.  I have sent out birthday cards and holiday cards, to people I don't normally send cards too...but I just get so excited to use them.  When it is a co-workers birthday, I find the perfect card and have everyone in our unit sign it.  A card and a non-alcoholic beer is the only way we can really celebrate out here...so a card means so much more out here.  My mother is involved with stampin' up and all that crafty stuff (which has given me some crafty ideas) and I told her about this great organization.  We are planning on making some when I get home.  It should be fun.  I want to replenish all the ones I have used :)  I have been here 3 months and only have 1 month to go...so not too bad.  Others are here for much longer.  I just wanted you to know how much myself, and I know many others, appreciate your time in making the cards.  They are a breath of fresh air.  Thank you for your support~!

Take Care,

SSgt S.M.

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