Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Deployed cardmaker returning home!

Hi Sandy,
I got the new box of cards, and I must say, awesome work out there! These just get more and more beautiful!

I also had to laugh at your note in the card... and this is my email from Baghdad!!!! I am heading home on Sunday, May 8th - Mothers Day - what a wonderful mother's day gift to me. I was offered a job back at home and took it.... I have enjoyed my time here, the people are so wonderful to work with here at CENTCOM; and I also wanted to give you a new point of contact here to address the boxes to.

SSG M.C. will be the person! She will be here until November of this year and is one of the faithful
users of these cards. So as soon as I get home and re-acclimate to the states, I'll start making more cards, yeah!!!!

Thanks for making my 15 months away from home more enjoyable by all the cards, letters, pictures, etc..... You guys at OWH make a bad day brighter for a lot of people.

Thanks again and I'll "talk" to you soon!


Anonymous said...

God bless America and her heroes, every day!!

Anonymous said...

To Hero,
Thank you for all you do and for the time away from your families.
Thanks to the families at home!
Deb G