Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She will know just how much her Daddy missed her

Hello OWH,

I just want to send a big thank you to you all for the wonderful service you are providing. The time, talent, and resources are unbelievably impressive.

I received two cards in the mail yesterday (one for me, another for our 9 month old daughter) from my husband, a Marine serving in Afghanistan. I was so incredibly surprised to receive such beautifully handmade cards! Of course, I sat there bawling my eyes out about what he wrote in each of them but after the tears dried, I was able to appreciate the beauty of the cards and how they must have inspired him. You see, my husband isn't one to usually send cards. He very rarely has in the past and he dislikes the store bought cards that have really long preprinted sentiments. He has always felt they were somehow "fake" and would rather speak from the heart. Your cards gave him the opportunity to do so. One was blank inside and the other had a very short sentiment. They were perfect. I think he also liked the fact that they were handmade, obviously with love and great attention to detail. Even though our daughter is not old enough to read or understand what Daddy wrote, I will certainly be keeping the cards for the future so someday she will know just how much her Daddy missed her. He did mention in his card to me about how "they have these awesome free cards" and how "kids just don't know what it's like to deploy these days" because of little perks like these that so many nice people provide. ;) (He has a few other deployments under his belt, including twice to Iraq.) I'm a cardmaker/scrapbooker myself so I truly do appreciate the time and material it takes to produce them.

I didn't realize your organization even existed but I'm so incredibly grateful that you do. It means the world. I somehow also felt a personal connection since my husband and I are both from the Seattle area and were happy to learn your headquarters are right down the road. Even though we're stationed at the Pentagon, I've moved back home to Western Washington to be with family for the year while he's gone. I hope to be able to make a few cards myself to give back. Please thank Sue A for me as she made one of the cards my husband sent (it had a stamp of two bunnies hugging with "miss you"). The other card was not marked but was just as beautiful with a jeweled butterfly.

Again, many thanks for your support to our troops and keep sending them!

S.L., Seattle

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