Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quite a generous crew

Ms Sandy,
I want to thank you for the wonderful box of cards that I received the other day! This is incredible! Your efforts to help us keep in touch with our family and friends by mail is greatly appreciated. I had heard about your OWH from a friend but it took me weeks, no months, before finally acting on it and I'm glad that I did.

One more box before I depart would be great and I'll be sure to tell others about your program before I depart.

Please thank Dolores from Frederick Md (your mother?) for me as well, as I enjoyed both of your notes that were included in the box.

Also, please extend our gratefulness to your wider OWH network as it seems like quite a generous crew (and creative too!). Your prayers and serived are so needed, so please keep it up.

Take care for now,


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