Sunday, April 10, 2011

It immediately lifted my spirits

Dear Sandy,

My name is Chief Warrant Officer 2 B.T. and to my surprise, I got a large package today. I have no idea how you got my name and address or even if you know anything about me but it was a wonderful surprise after a long mission. Let me start by telling you a little about myself.

I am a CH-47D Chinook helicopter pilot with the Army National Guard and when I'm not playing "G.I. Joe" on the weekends I'm a Deputy with my County Sheriff's Department. I have 3 young boys waiting for me at home along with a loving and patient girlfriend. I look forward to seeing them when I return home in June.

Today I flew a 7 1/2 hour combat mission and I was extremely exhausted once I landed my aircraft. I walked into my headquarters and to my surprise I had a package. It immediately lifted my spirits to see that total strangers were writing me and sending me a care package and, to my knowledge, they didn't even know me. This war has been going on for so long that, generally, the American public has lost it's American pride. But to see complete strangers sending little ol' me a care package.......well that's just OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Please keep up the good working in supporting us over here and in Iraq. I plan on sharing all the goodies with my fellow pilots here......even though i don't really want to (heheheheheheheheh).

I wish i could write all the wonderful people that took the time to hand write and color on the cards I received but unfortunately I have another long mission tomorrow and I need to get my rest. I hope that you are able to forward this email to them and let them know I am VERY grateful for their thoughts, prayers and cards.
 Once again thank you very much!!!!!

CW2 B. T.

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