Sunday, March 6, 2011

Knowing someone back in the states took the time is HUGE

Dear Sandy and the Operation Write Home team,

I am writing to thank you for the box of cards that came to our office last month.

It was amazing to see the smiles on the faces of Soldiers as they came to pick out cards for friends and family. This is the sort of gift that really gives well beyond the initial recipient. The amount of joy that the Soldier has in picking the card and writing the letter, is likely matched or exceeded by the lucky recipient of that card.

Since we are a medical team, we see many folks in need of care. Our supply of cards was gone in a week due to the heavy traffic in our area, but I know they definitely contributed to people feeling better, both about themselves, and about their ability to connect with home.

Knowing someone back in the states took the time to hand make these cards is HUGE!! What a wonderful outreach! Thank you again for your support. We will be here another 8 months and will ensure that any additional shipments of cards get right into the hands of Soldiers who will benefit.*

Best wishes,
Command Surgeon
Ironhorse Medics!
Steadfast and Loyal!

*This email was received 2 days after their next box went postal! OWH .... right on time!

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