Monday, March 21, 2011

How much you have helped us out


Got the box today thank you! We aren't switched out yet but the new guys are here and I back briefed them on what you guys do and how much you have helped us out. I am going to include his email in this as well.

Also I like the honesty about the percoset kicking in* After my surgery I had many a times I would write an email and it would be kicking in. Oh also, lemme know if ya need a security element to do route clearance for your scooter, want your roadways safe ;)

I must get going but I will talk to you soon! Thanks again for helping us out so much. I truly appreciate it.


*The letter that went into his box was written just days after Sandy had surgery....spelling and handwriting were quite atrocious! lol!

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Monica said...

Sandy.. that is too funny! Love how you spelled Percocet!