Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Polish Name Day cards

Dear Sandy,
Thank you so very much for the Polish Name Day cards and birthday cards. They arrived just in time for Andrzej's Name Day.

Additionally, the cards were perfect! General N was shocked. He said the words/phrases were commonly used in Poland and properly used on the cards - your research was obviously correct. Thanks again!
This day was so important to my co-worker Andrzej that three Polish Officers actually walked to our camp to wish him a happy day. Hugs and cheek kisses were also exchanged. Later that evening we ate pizza together to celebrate his day. Overall I think everyone enjoyed the cards the most.

Thank you so very much for the support!
Maj L.A.

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Dolores Z. Allnock said...

It is heartwarming to hear that the Polish cards arrived and in time for Andrzej's name day. I am of Polish descent and had an uncle with that name...we called him Andy.

Sandy is my daughter, and together we managed to try to get the proper salutations in Polish and create suitable cards. So happy to hear they were appreciated.