Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playing Army

"The cards you and everyone's hard work is so appreciated. When I opened the boxes, all you could hear were oohhh's and aaahhh's. I've never had the creativity as those that make the cards, that's my wife's area. I'm just fortunate she let's me play Army. I only take a few cards to send to family and the rest I put on our "free table" and by morning the box will be empty. Everyone here loves the cards and it helps keep in touch with many families around the world. I've even passed cards on to many of our allies (French, Polish and others).

Thanks for making the connection easier, S. R.

**Read this to my husband and daughter at dinner. We all chuckled at the "let's me play Army" comment. I said that his wife's crafting and his playing Army didn't equal out. Daughter said "Yes it does.....those scissors are dangerous and paper cuts are lethal." LOL!!!!


Wendy said...

ha ha ha... that's pretty funny!

Very cool that some of our allies are using the cards too!

Mary Ann said...

So touching, and glad to hear he shares them with allies from around the world!