Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amazing job at improving the morale of the troops

I run the Recreation Center at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and just received my first Christmas card of the season from a soldier that is in my facility frequently and it absolutely made my day. It was one made by a church in my home state, which was extra cool.

I just wanted to thank you for running your program. I know the soldiers utilize it and something so small can definitely do a such an amazing job at improving the morale of the troops, their families and friends, and the people that they interact with on a daily basis.

He didn’t say that he got the card from this base but if you’re not already sending them to Bagram, I would be happy to use my recreation center as a POC/distribution point to get them out to the soldiers here. If you are sending them out here already, please keep up the good work!

Again, thanks for all you do and I wish you a very merry holiday season.
Camp Cunningham

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