Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something so simple as a card

Good morning!
We received another box of cards...which was perfect timing! The previous box that was sent to us was empty before we knew it. It is amazing how special something so simple as a card is to a soldier to be able to send home. The families are also thrilled when they receive them. I spoke with my children on the phone the other night and they couldn't stop talking about how cool the cards were that I sent. They asked me how I got them and explained your organization. They thought it was the coolest do I and all of the soldiers in the 372nd! Also, I used to big into stamping and making cards for special people on special occasions but of course after I had children, I never found the time to stamp. Because I know how special these cards are first hand, when I get home, I plan to start making cards and joining your organization as a volunteer card maker. I am very excited!


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