Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Running to the mailbox

Dear Sandy,

I wanted to thank you for the cards you sent for soldier's here in Afghanistan. Every time I've deployed I have tried to send regular cards and or letters to my wife and children. Even though we have internet
these days, there is just something more personal and special in a card or letter. My children I know have had many smiles running to the mailbox to retrieve the regular letters and cards I sent. I have sent
many-many of your cards, almost to the tune of one a day for the last couple months. My wife and children comment that they get one nearly every day at the mailbox. I hope you find comfort in knowing that the
cards you sent are very much appreciated and put smiles on the faces of two very grateful boys and a wife who was able to receive constant communication in a special way from her husband, who she has seen deploy far too many times in the past 20 years. So, thank you and what you do speaks volumes for the type of person you are. God Bless,



Sheila said...

*sniff* gonna go make more cards!

Polly P. said...

We love sending smiles :)