Friday, November 12, 2010

A million and one

I'm sure you get a million thank you's daily, but i wanted to make it a million and one! My husband is presently in Iraq for a 15 month tour. He is the Commander of a medium sized truck company, and he has been sending our family these cards ever since he discovered a box of them in the MWR room on base. (COB SPEICHER) I think he recently wrote to you to request more cards? His name is CPT A.Z.

This deployment has been a very long one, and trying on our family. We have 2 small children who miss him terribly with every breath they take. I personally can't even put into words the loss i feel from his absence.

Your cards arrive in my mailbox almost daily, and instantly brighten my day. The cards make it especially easy for my husband who is extremely busy to write to us. He doesn't have to go the store and search for the perfect card, or a piece of notepaper for writing.

thank you a million times from the bottom of my heart!


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