Monday, October 25, 2010

Your dog pics crack me up!

Ciara loves getting fan mail...LOL!

A big happy hello to you! (insert cute smileyface with tongue sticking out)

We received the box of cards in the mail the other day. As always, they are beautiful. I had to grab some for myself to send to fam and friends.

Tell your coworker I said thanks for the magazines.* I'm always getting ideas on how to save or improve what I am already working on.

Your dog pics crack me up! If it were a picture of my cats, they would be laying on top of the boxes. Our Noel can't resist wallowing all over our mail or jumping into boxes, hampers, and empty bags. One time I was sorting through a ton of papers to file (while sitting on the floor), and Noel kept playing and messing up my piles. Talk about one crazy cat! Abby doesn't do that. Instead she sits on your chest at 0530 and stares at you til you wake up and let her out. If you don't let her out she moves to the nightstand and starts knocking things off (miss attitude!) Talk about hilarious.

Well I have to run! Thanks again for everything.

Sgt D.D.

*This hero is planning a wedding for when her deployment is over - so we sent her mags.

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