Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pretty Exciting!

I apologize for not getting this to you earlier. We received a box from you a few days ago! Thank you so much for getting that together. I know every letter in the hero mail was read and is displayed at our help desk. I know that the box was scoured by many members of my unit and letters are being sent home as I write this ... We do not have an American Post Exchange, so to have something like this sent to us is pretty exciting. We're a group of Americans (Air Force, Army, Navy and some Coast Guard) with coalition forces.
But thank you again, and please forward this e-mail as you please to the many people that took time to make the cards. If we weren't in a secure area, I would be more than happy to take pictures but at this
time it isn't possible. I will try to gain approval from my command to take some pictures to send to you.
Thank you again, and have a great day!


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