Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little color in our very brown world here in Iraq

Hi Sandy, 

I just received my box of cards this past week and being a scrapbooker myself absolutely loved every card.   I just sent out 16 cards today!

Anyway your card said to let you know if I wanted a box with holiday cards, so I'm writing to say yes I will take the holiday box.  There are plenty to share so my battle has also enjoyed them and I am so excited that we will be able to send Christmas cards now.

I couldn't remember if I had sent you an email back yet requesting the additional box of cards so if for some reason you are not able to track this request and 2 boxes go out for me I will share them with the other soldiers in my unit.

Thank you so much for putting a little color in our very brown world here in Iraq.

When I get home I would love to participate by also making cards for the soldiers so I will keep your card until I get home next summer.

1LT K.P.

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