Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You guys do such a great job on these!

From the wife of a hero, when we confirmed he's still at the same address:

My husband is still over there for at least 3 more months....hopefully he'll be home by Christmas! He loved the cards (as well as everyone else did!) Im not sure what he has left... I know the first box went really fast and when I went to ask him if he wanted me to get more he said somehow he had already received another box... but this was a couple months ago.  I just received a couple this week for me and my girls and they are beautiful! You guys do such a great job on these! If you want to send him more I'm sure they will use them... they have all been using Whatever is not used will be left behind for the following company thats coming in after them... they are doing this with all of their supplies :o)

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