Friday, September 17, 2010

Stationary is my weakness and I love the handmade cards

WOW!!!! I got the box and I  LOVE all the cards.  They are so beautiful and it has really pushed me to write home. I have averaged 2 cards a day!

Stationary is my weakness and I love the handmade cards.  Your group is made up of such creative people!!!!    Really, I love stationary and the box was even better than I had hoped.  I am hoping the other soldiers in my unit will also use the stationary to write home....they are seeing me write a card or two a day.

If you can send the next box you mentioned, that would be great! 
We will use them!

I enjoyed reading the cards from the families and have shared them.  Only one had an address to answer but I would like to answer the others too.  Can I mail them to you and would you be able to find the author?  some of them were only first names.  They were so sweet.

Thank you so much.
Maj J.G.

PS my son who was also here in Afghanistan for a year just arrived back home to his family!  I am a happy mom.

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