Friday, September 10, 2010

OWH Cards vs. GS Cookies!

I can not tell you how fast the first box of cards went. Within 24 hours my troops had divided up the goods and started writing home. It has been the best morale booster of our deployment and even beat out the Girl Scout Cookies (if you can beleive that)!

Some of us have started to write back to the folks from hero mail when an address was left in the card. At our group meetings I usually read at least one letter or card, and yes, we do get tearful and we love it...I don't know if you were told that we are a medical group so my nurses keep the soft side of the group real!

The address is perfect. I come home xxx; however, a new medical team will replace me so I will pass on your information to the Chief Nurse and they can establish a point of contact for you.

Please tell your staff that the first box was a huge success and I get asked every day when the next box is coming. We are completely out! We have also used the cards to bond with other Afghan Army Nurses and Doctors. A homemade card has touched more hearts then I could even say....

Very Sincerely,
Navy, Afghanistan


Jean in PA said...

Wow...they are using the cards to bond with the Afghan Army personnel! It is amazing how we begin with a simple desire to bless a service person and his/her family and it can become so much more. I think it's a God thing!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story! So glad to be a small part of such an awesome organization. As a cardmaker you never know where the cards you make will end up, but as long as they are being shared, I think that is a good thing. Sharla

Rufus said...

It's awesome to know that the cards are so well received. That they disappeared even faster than the Girl Scout cookies is incredible! I'm very proud to be a part of the organization that makes it all possible.