Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"a need rather than what others may see as a want"

Hi Dixie, I want to thank you so much for the package of cards you and your organization sent to J. and his troops. Cards are very important to them not only to receive but to send back to their loved ones. Although there is a small PX where J. is they can barely keep the necessities in stock because it is where a great deal of soldiers at smaller outposts come for their "shopping". Cards are the one thing the soldiers and our Chaplain asked for specifically before they left. Afghanistan is so different from Iraq (where they went on their last tour from 2007-2008). Of course they are also trying to stock up on things now because the supply deliveries will slow down once winter sets in. They will still deliver mail, but it will be as space is available due to the weather conditions and terrain. I'm very touched that your organization understands this as a need rather than what others may see as a want. God bless and thank you from the bottom of the hearts of every family member/friend that is touched by the cards your organization sends to them so they can reach out to us.

RU, wife of a Soldier in Afghanistan

In a follow-up email: Thank You Dixie! It touches my heart that you would give me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with those who support and care about us so much they would give of their time, talent and passion. By sharing my email on your blog it gives me the honor to speak to those who choose to quietly dedicate so much to us. Just imagining those card makers paying attention to every detail while crafting something that will travel with love literally around the world brings me to tears as I know it will for each person that handles those beautiful gifts from the heart of those we serve.
With thanks and tears

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