Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's always nice to have cards to write home with

Dear Sandy,
Isn't it weird how you ended up recognizing my name after the last few years? Yeah, this makes my 3rd deployment. I'm hoping that it will stop (the war) eventually - and I don't mean years from now!!

Anyhoo...thanks for the cards! It's always nice to have cards to write home with. I will send some to other FOBs too that don't have anything.

Sgt D.D.

*This is our 3rd tour with this contact - she has a friend-of-OWH who signs her up each time, and donates shipping funds to cover her boxes! She's at an FOB (Forward Operating Base) that has seen flooding - up to 4 feet in their chapel! - related to the Pakistan flooding you've heard about in the news. Hopefully the cards were stored up high - or already on the way home!


Missy said...

Godsped Sgt.D D

It's all about touching lives.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear we've been able to help. And what an AWESOME friend at OWH to sign her up help with shipping costs. Just shows what a terrific bunch of folks we have at OWH! Sharla