Sunday, September 12, 2010

"I liked those cards!"

E-mail from a cardmaker...

I was swimming at the Buehler YMCA in Palatine, IL this morning before I went to church. I met a wonderful young woman and her son. She just returned from serving overseas in the US Army. I was telling her that I just sent a box of cards to OWH. She told me she had received those cards and appreciated having cards to send home to her family. She looked at her soon to be 4 year old son, and said, "Sweetheart, remember when I sent you those cards when I was away? This nice lady helps make those cards, so mommies and daddies can send them to their children." He said,"I liked those cards!" 

Just thought you would like to know that. God's blessings to you and everyone who help make it possible for our brave men and women to keep in touch with their families.

Cindy D.
Palatine, IL 

PS...I just sent off a box of cards to you.

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TK said...

Cindy, thanks for leaving this note. What a great story. It's so nice to know our cards make a difference to so many!