Wednesday, September 29, 2010

They are sooo cool

Hello Sandy, I received the box of cards yesterday and the Soldiers LOVE them, they are sooo cool. I just wanted to say thanks for what you guys do for the military and our families.  I want to make a donation thru Paypal so please provide me your Paypal account info so I can support this great organization.  Thanks again and take care!
CW2 J.F.

I make cards at home so I know how special they are

I am an Airman over in Kandahar, Afghanistan and have had the privilege to enjoy some of your hand made cards and send them home to family. Thanks so much they are greatly appreciated!!! I make cards at
home so I know how special they are and how much time they take to make. Just wanted to send my gratitude!

MSgt K.P.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He sends me cards once a week and it means so much to me

I have a husband over in Iraq, he has been there since June of 2010.  He sends me cards once a week and it means so much to me.  I, myself, make cards and would like to donate cards to the troups for the different holidays, birthdays (especially children, they too would like to receive cards from mom/dad,  and anniversaries.  

Just want you to know your cards are making a difference

I just wanted to take a minute and Thank You for what you do! I was in the USO yesterday and came upon a box of your cards. They are beautiful and I am looking forward to sending some to my family back stateside. All too often those that genuinely appreciate, care, and support what we in uniform are doing go unnoticed and I just want you to know your cards are making a difference! Thank you so much!

TSgt M.S.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time and effort ... for complete strangers

I wanted to email to let you know how much the 547th ASMC and myself appreciate the time and effort that you and your organization put forth for complete strangers. It is a blessing to be able to have a beautiful card to send home to our families. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I cannot begin to adequately express my gratitude

Email received by a cardmaker:

I cannot begin to adequately express my gratitude for your support of Operation Write Home! The cards you produce for the effort are wonderful, and mean so much to our families back home when they arrive in the mail.

The post exchange on our forward operating base in Baghdad is small and does not have cards. Thanks to your generosity and support, we are able to send greetings for all occasions on beautifully crafted cards. Thank you for doing what you do to support us over here! We deeply appreciate your kindness!

Major, Army

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brighten the day of our family members

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the support you guys provide to all of the soldiers, sailors, airman and marines that are serving here with United States Forces Iraq.  Your cards allow us to write home and brighten the day of our family members.  Again thank you for the support while we are deployed and away from our loved ones.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our families will love receiving such beautiful, handmade cards.

Received by a cardmaker:

I just want to thank you for the beautiful cards that you made. I received some from operation write home and all of us here in Kabul are very grateful and enjoying them immensely. I know our families will love
receiving such beautiful, handmade cards.

Thank you for taking the time to make these cards for us and giving us such a thoughtful gift. Your support is much appreciated by all of us.


1LT C.P.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

From a Hero's Girlfriend

Cardmaker Lori R. from Springfield, VA recently got this email from the girlfriend of one of our heroes.

Just wanted to send a thank you for making these cards. I noticed your email on the back. I'm in Southern California and my boyfriend is a Navy Seabee stationed in Helmand province Afghanistan. He's been gone for over 5 months and conditions there have been over 110'F and windy most of his deployment. I have no doubt that communication and having cards to write on keeps his spirits up. He also feels like he can do something nice for me and I love getting mail back from him like this. I love the design too by the way! Thanks again and know that we appreciate you!! -Kate

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stationary is my weakness and I love the handmade cards

WOW!!!! I got the box and I  LOVE all the cards.  They are so beautiful and it has really pushed me to write home. I have averaged 2 cards a day!

Stationary is my weakness and I love the handmade cards.  Your group is made up of such creative people!!!!    Really, I love stationary and the box was even better than I had hoped.  I am hoping the other soldiers in my unit will also use the stationary to write home....they are seeing me write a card or two a day.

If you can send the next box you mentioned, that would be great! 
We will use them!

I enjoyed reading the cards from the families and have shared them.  Only one had an address to answer but I would like to answer the others too.  Can I mail them to you and would you be able to find the author?  some of them were only first names.  They were so sweet.

Thank you so much.
Maj J.G.

PS my son who was also here in Afghanistan for a year just arrived back home to his family!  I am a happy mom.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Your organization is awesome!

Hi Sandy,
The cards arrived!  Thank you so much.  The soldiers here appreciate them as the PX has very limited supply of cards, etc.  I appreciate that you sent them so quickly!  Your organization is awesome!


*This contact came back for more, since she loved them so much on the last deployment!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Running very low on the OWH cards

Hello!  I am currently deployed in Kuwait.  We are all enjoying the beautiful cards that your group sends to us.  We often write home or send birthday cards.  Thank you so much for the handmade cards and for thinking of us while we are deployed.  Many of us have written notes to our family and friends when we normally wouldn’t have.  But the cards are so meaningful and so available to us that we choose to take a card and write.  Our family and friends are so impressed with the cards! 

As you would guess, we are now running very low on the OWH cards.  If you have any available, could you send some to us?  Thank you so much for thinking of us, for your generosity, and for your thoughtfulness.

If you do not have a contact address then you can send it to my address and I will place the cards with the others here.  

Photos from our Navy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"I liked those cards!"

E-mail from a cardmaker...

I was swimming at the Buehler YMCA in Palatine, IL this morning before I went to church. I met a wonderful young woman and her son. She just returned from serving overseas in the US Army. I was telling her that I just sent a box of cards to OWH. She told me she had received those cards and appreciated having cards to send home to her family. She looked at her soon to be 4 year old son, and said, "Sweetheart, remember when I sent you those cards when I was away? This nice lady helps make those cards, so mommies and daddies can send them to their children." He said,"I liked those cards!" 

Just thought you would like to know that. God's blessings to you and everyone who help make it possible for our brave men and women to keep in touch with their families.

Cindy D.
Palatine, IL 

PS...I just sent off a box of cards to you.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

AnyHero Cardmaking Party: Sponsored by Eat Cake Graphics!

We do remember why our heroes fight. Many of them stepped up in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy - and so many more since then. Honor one today by making a card and write a note in it....scribe a poem, draw a picture, include a family photo. Send it to Operation Write Home, and make the day of a hero far from home!

Challenge: An AnyHero card
Make an AnyHero card - any theme, as long as it's appropriate to send to a deployed hero! It also does *not* have to be patriotic; you can make a Christmas card, or thinking of you, or a general themed thankyou card. Kids can draw or color pictures, and if you feel like writing but the cardmaking is not going well - just write a letter on a piece of paper. Our heroes just want to know someone at home is thinking of them, and that is something easy for us all to do!

Here's a sample card, made with "For the Brave" from Eat Cake Graphics...along with the letter written inside. Yes, you can put your address and/or email inside!

Eat Cake Graphics is offering a little extra incentive for you to participate in this challenge: they're giving away THREE of these cute stamps called "For the Brave"!

We'll draw randomly from all participants at the end of the month, along with the other goodies offered on the OWH blogs...good luck!

To play along in this challenge, simply upload your project to your blog or online gallery then leave a direct link to your project using the Inlinkz widget at the bottom of this post. Please link to the specific blog post (the long url you get when you click on the TITLE of the post itself, not the short blog url). Thanks!

We encourage everyone to take a few moments to visit and leave comments for the other participants. Comments are a wonderful way to say thank you for sharing your creative project and inspires everyone to create.

To play along, please enter your name, URL and email address in the link below then press next step and select the photo of your creative project. An icon will appear on the blog featuring the photo you selected. If the photo doesn’t appear right away, don’t worry, it will after the page has been refreshed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

OWH Cards vs. GS Cookies!

I can not tell you how fast the first box of cards went. Within 24 hours my troops had divided up the goods and started writing home. It has been the best morale booster of our deployment and even beat out the Girl Scout Cookies (if you can beleive that)!

Some of us have started to write back to the folks from hero mail when an address was left in the card. At our group meetings I usually read at least one letter or card, and yes, we do get tearful and we love it...I don't know if you were told that we are a medical group so my nurses keep the soft side of the group real!

The address is perfect. I come home xxx; however, a new medical team will replace me so I will pass on your information to the Chief Nurse and they can establish a point of contact for you.

Please tell your staff that the first box was a huge success and I get asked every day when the next box is coming. We are completely out! We have also used the cards to bond with other Afghan Army Nurses and Doctors. A homemade card has touched more hearts then I could even say....

Very Sincerely,
Navy, Afghanistan

Thursday, September 9, 2010

You have blessed countless families by your generosity

Thank you so much for the cards.  They are all so very well done and with such care and love.  These cards will go a long way in helping our Soldiers connect with their loved ones back home.  I am constantly reminding them that receiving a physical/tangible card in the mailbox is much more meaningful to their wives and children than an email or a phone call.  Thanks for helping me get them one step closer to that reality.  Please know that you have blessed countless families by your generosity.

Thanks again,
P.H., Chaplain

Request from a Mother of Three

I am stationed at Fort Bragg, NC but currently deployed in support of OIF...A friend of mine was telling me about your organization and how much your packages of cards have raised their morale. I was wondering if you could do the same for us. We are going out on missions a lot, and I would like to, with your organizations assistance, keep the morale up. You and your organization are definitely a blessing. This is coming from a single mother of three. Thank you once again and God Bless.

Sgt. K.H., Army, Kuwait

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hero Mail's a Hit!

I just received the box of cards today. Thank you for sending them as well as the Hero Mail. You should have seen the guys/gals faces as I started handing out the Hero mail. Is there a way to get word back to all the folks that send cards and notes of thanks? If so, please pass on the many thanks from us here. The cards and thanks were appreciated.

R.L.L., TSgt, USAF

The amount of cards was very surprising

On behalf of the USS Bulkeley, I want to thank you and your hard working crew for the box of cards and toothpaste. The amount of cards was very surprising. We have a crew of @ 200. Thanks again for all the hard work. 

Phone call - from Afghanistan!

SPC M.E. made Sandy's day....with a phone call! He just wanted to say hi, and thanks for the cards...he's doing well, and they're looking toward the home stretch on their deployment. What an awesome thing to hear from a hero so far away!

PS Lest you worry that he spent his phone time on calling OWH....we got word to his Mom that he's doing well, so she got to "hear" from him too!

The card makers outdid themselves

I got the latest box!  All I can say is that the card makers outdid themselves..... I love them.  I just sent an email out to the office about the cards and I'm sure they will go fast.....

Question - is that your dog?  What is his/her name?  Thanks!

Thanks for the bear, he is sitting on my desk very proudly.....

I hope all is well with you and the "gang."    Take care and thanks again!!!!!

G.P., cardmaker currently in Iraq

You guys do such a great job on these!

From the wife of a hero, when we confirmed he's still at the same address:

My husband is still over there for at least 3 more months....hopefully he'll be home by Christmas! He loved the cards (as well as everyone else did!) Im not sure what he has left... I know the first box went really fast and when I went to ask him if he wanted me to get more he said somehow he had already received another box... but this was a couple months ago.  I just received a couple this week for me and my girls and they are beautiful! You guys do such a great job on these! If you want to send him more I'm sure they will use them... they have all been using Whatever is not used will be left behind for the following company thats coming in after them... they are doing this with all of their supplies :o)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Undeniably Better than the Store Bought

I just wanted to say thank you to all of those that made the Hero Mail you sent. It was a wonderful feeling seeing the smiles come across the Soliders' faces when I handed out each card. Everyone was truly appreciative and they have chosen to display the cards on their desks and bulletin boards. The box of cards were truly amazing. I can tell that a lot time and energy were spent making these beautiful creations. They are undeniably better than the store bought cards. Once again, I would like to thank those that contributed and gave up their personal time to support this endeavor. I hope that all of your lives are blessed just as you have blessed us with this gift.

KH, Soldier, Iraq

Extremely well received!

 I just received the second package of cards, and they are extremely well received! We pass them out to all of the Soldiers here to write to their families and they really appreciate it. I cannot thank you enough for this contribution. We do not have the greatest living conditions here and we really appreciate these kinds of packages, especially as it allows our Soldiers to send a message home. Thank you again to you and your entire team,

CPT K. W. M.

From the Brigadier General!!!

Dear Operation Write Home,
As part of my duties, I regularly visit Craig Hospital and the Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility (CASF) at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. It's difficult for me to put into words the emotion that I feel when I visit our wounded. It's easy to be a cynic in today's world - there are many Americans at home that don't spend a passing moment thinking about our troops overseas. It absolutely warms my heart to know that our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen have people at home who still care bout them as much as you. Your continued generosity means the world to them, and me. Your donations honor the sacrifices that these men and women make every day. Please pass my most sincere thanks to everyone in your organization.

Eternally thankful (thankful underscored many times!),
Jack L Briggs II
Brigadier General, USAF

"a need rather than what others may see as a want"

Hi Dixie, I want to thank you so much for the package of cards you and your organization sent to J. and his troops. Cards are very important to them not only to receive but to send back to their loved ones. Although there is a small PX where J. is they can barely keep the necessities in stock because it is where a great deal of soldiers at smaller outposts come for their "shopping". Cards are the one thing the soldiers and our Chaplain asked for specifically before they left. Afghanistan is so different from Iraq (where they went on their last tour from 2007-2008). Of course they are also trying to stock up on things now because the supply deliveries will slow down once winter sets in. They will still deliver mail, but it will be as space is available due to the weather conditions and terrain. I'm very touched that your organization understands this as a need rather than what others may see as a want. God bless and thank you from the bottom of the hearts of every family member/friend that is touched by the cards your organization sends to them so they can reach out to us.

RU, wife of a Soldier in Afghanistan

In a follow-up email: Thank You Dixie! It touches my heart that you would give me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with those who support and care about us so much they would give of their time, talent and passion. By sharing my email on your blog it gives me the honor to speak to those who choose to quietly dedicate so much to us. Just imagining those card makers paying attention to every detail while crafting something that will travel with love literally around the world brings me to tears as I know it will for each person that handles those beautiful gifts from the heart of those we serve.
With thanks and tears

Sunday, September 5, 2010

EVERYONE wants to thank you

I received your care package today with cards in it and just wanted to thank you kindly. EVERYONE wants to thank you. I'm sure the cards will be used to send home to many, many loved ones.
Thank you,
Msgt B.K.

It's always nice to have cards to write home with

Dear Sandy,
Isn't it weird how you ended up recognizing my name after the last few years? Yeah, this makes my 3rd deployment. I'm hoping that it will stop (the war) eventually - and I don't mean years from now!!

Anyhoo...thanks for the cards! It's always nice to have cards to write home with. I will send some to other FOBs too that don't have anything.

Sgt D.D.

*This is our 3rd tour with this contact - she has a friend-of-OWH who signs her up each time, and donates shipping funds to cover her boxes! She's at an FOB (Forward Operating Base) that has seen flooding - up to 4 feet in their chapel! - related to the Pakistan flooding you've heard about in the news. Hopefully the cards were stored up high - or already on the way home!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sharing Hero Mail with Patients

I received the package today; thank you so very much. We are so excited to have the cards – they are just beautiful! All is well here... We are all looking forward to coming back home.

Thanks for the Hero Mail. After reading them (some are so touching), we’ve decided to take them over to the hospital. I think it will be nice to share with the patients.

Again, thanks so much for the cards. My troops and I are very appreciative and thoroughly enjoy them.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beautiful works of art

Dear Operation Write Home,

I just arrived to my unit and was surprised to learn of your program through my unit J2 who has a box of your amazing cards. I am so excited to write my family using these beautiful works of art. Thank you so

Maj A.T.