Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You all are the reason we fight for the land we call home

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful cards you made. The love and care as well as talent that made them is breathtaking. My mom always said there was nothing like a homemade card to say you care. Thank you for your time and support - you all are the reason we fight for the land we call home.

You have an amazing organization with such a noble purpose! In a world of technology it is so comforting to know how cherished the written word is. Thank you from an Airman in Iraq who misses his family greatly. Your cards are more valuable to me than you can know.

All God's blessings be upon you all!

With loving thoughts,


Polly said...

These comments always touch my heart...It is an honor to create cards for our heroes.

Dolores A. said...

Your kind words are inspiring to all of us cardmakers to keep on with this project since it means so much to so many.
Thank you for all that you do for us.