Monday, August 23, 2010

I am humbled at the outpouring of support

A farewell email from a chaplain we've supported for some time...sent to all their supporters:

Dear Friends,

This email is a very rewarding one for me as this indicates my shortness of time left here in the combat zone of Afghanistan.  Yes, my unit, the [x] Engineer Battalion, is heading back, demobilizing, and rolling on (for security reasons I cannot be precise in departure time and date).  FYI, Chaplain D. D. is the new Chaplain so that you can now continue sending packages to military personnel.  The address is still the same, just a different Chaplain (see the address highlighted in yellow below).  If you begin sending packages using his name, you can be assured that it will arrive here and whether or not he is here, you packages will get sent to the Chaplain Store at the end of the hall.

It is hard to say thanks in an email as you have put care and love into packages sent these past eleven months.  We have received well over 3500 boxes of snack food, toiletries, bedding, writing implements; and office items like refrigerators, microwaves, printers, coffee pots, and toys magazines and videos.  We have sent your packages all over the eastern mountains of Afghanistan (particularly East Paktika—if you look at map of Afghanistan and find this region, you can ascertain just how far and wide your packages traveled).  Some of these bases are so small that there is not a store selling deodorant or shampoo—so you realize that your contributions helped our Soldiers maintain high standards.

As a chaplain from the Presbyterian Church, I fathom God’s Word in application here: you are like the “Good Samaritan,” who in the Bible gave all he had financially to take care of someone in need outside of his family.  Your devotion to the US Military is legendary, and the Chaplain Corp has enjoyed distributing your bounty to all military people.  To date, I have seen Navy, Air Force, Marines take items that YOU stocked!  My unit had given the Chaplain the largest office and we constructed shelves for distribution.

Thus, I am humbled at the outpouring of support and thank you on behalf of the 203rd Engineer Commander and the Command Sergeant Major, and especially the men and women who have worked hard to accomplish the peace keeping mission we were sent here to safeguard.  While we are going home, there is another generation of Army that will take our place, they too would enjoy and benefit from your support.

I wish you and your organization many blessings and joy in all that you do for the sake of world peace.  I always think of the Lord’s Prayer that says, “…Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven…”  In some ways, as I see it, you have made this divine prayer a growing reality at least in the lives of the Soldiers.  God bless you and Good bye for now.

Best wishes,

Chaplain (CPT) B.W.

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Andrea said...

wow...what an amazing letter. Thank YOU Chaplain!