Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your generosity reminds us of how appreciated we are

Emailed to cardmaker Laurie...

I just wanted to let you know that the card you made is absolutely beautiful. I am writing to my niece on it and I hope she likes it too. I really appreciate what you are doing by making us these cards. I have only been here about a month with 11 more months to go. I also took a card to send to my husband which was absolutely lovely. I think your gift of handmade cards are very thoughtful and I could not purchase something this beautiful in any store.

Once again thank you very much. Your generosity reminds us of how appreciated we are.


They are absolutely beautiful

Greetings Mrs Allnock,

I just wanted to thank you. What you are doing is one of the most thoughtful things. I received some cards through a friend and they are absolutely beautiful. I know my family will love receiving these handmade cards. These cards are very beautiful and each is unique which makes them even more special. I have asked my family to volunteer so I hope you will get cards from them soon. I love doing crafts so once I return which won't be until next year I hope to contribute to operation write home as well.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You've spoiled us!

Just received another box of cards today.  They are as wonderful as the other ones.  Thank you very much.  It was good timing too, because we were just starting to run out.

 I really want to thank you and all the folks who write and make the cards.  It has made my time here that much better.  My time here in Afghanistan is almost at an end, however.  You've spoiled us so much
that my replacement, J.M., and everyone else here would love to continue to get the cards even after I leave.

Thanks again,

I send a card home everyday

I've been deployed for a short time now with a long time left to go and I just learned about the cards made my Operation Write Home.  I asked who I can send a thank-you to and was given a business card with your e-mail.  My family is going to love the cards, I send a card home everyday.  My aunt is a graphic artist and has put a lot of love into cards for our family.  The cards made by Operation Write Home remind me of the cards she used to make.  Thank-you.


Monday, August 23, 2010

I am humbled at the outpouring of support

A farewell email from a chaplain we've supported for some time...sent to all their supporters:

Dear Friends,

This email is a very rewarding one for me as this indicates my shortness of time left here in the combat zone of Afghanistan.  Yes, my unit, the [x] Engineer Battalion, is heading back, demobilizing, and rolling on (for security reasons I cannot be precise in departure time and date).  FYI, Chaplain D. D. is the new Chaplain so that you can now continue sending packages to military personnel.  The address is still the same, just a different Chaplain (see the address highlighted in yellow below).  If you begin sending packages using his name, you can be assured that it will arrive here and whether or not he is here, you packages will get sent to the Chaplain Store at the end of the hall.

It is hard to say thanks in an email as you have put care and love into packages sent these past eleven months.  We have received well over 3500 boxes of snack food, toiletries, bedding, writing implements; and office items like refrigerators, microwaves, printers, coffee pots, and toys magazines and videos.  We have sent your packages all over the eastern mountains of Afghanistan (particularly East Paktika—if you look at map of Afghanistan and find this region, you can ascertain just how far and wide your packages traveled).  Some of these bases are so small that there is not a store selling deodorant or shampoo—so you realize that your contributions helped our Soldiers maintain high standards.

As a chaplain from the Presbyterian Church, I fathom God’s Word in application here: you are like the “Good Samaritan,” who in the Bible gave all he had financially to take care of someone in need outside of his family.  Your devotion to the US Military is legendary, and the Chaplain Corp has enjoyed distributing your bounty to all military people.  To date, I have seen Navy, Air Force, Marines take items that YOU stocked!  My unit had given the Chaplain the largest office and we constructed shelves for distribution.

Thus, I am humbled at the outpouring of support and thank you on behalf of the 203rd Engineer Commander and the Command Sergeant Major, and especially the men and women who have worked hard to accomplish the peace keeping mission we were sent here to safeguard.  While we are going home, there is another generation of Army that will take our place, they too would enjoy and benefit from your support.

I wish you and your organization many blessings and joy in all that you do for the sake of world peace.  I always think of the Lord’s Prayer that says, “…Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven…”  In some ways, as I see it, you have made this divine prayer a growing reality at least in the lives of the Soldiers.  God bless you and Good bye for now.

Best wishes,

Chaplain (CPT) B.W.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you so much for thinking of us

Comment left on a crafter's blog:

I just wanted to thank you for your cards. I'm currently deployed to the Army Hospital in Kuwait and sent one of your beautiful cards home to my family. Thank you so much for thinking of us.
Respectfully, LT C.B., EMF, Kuwait

Monday, August 16, 2010

We are proud to use them

I just wanted to let you know how very appreciated what you do is. I’m currently deployed to Balad, Iraq. One of our members spouse signed him up for your program and he’s shared the cards you sent with the squadron. They are so beautiful and well made, we are proud to use them. It’s obvious that a lot of time and care went into creating each one. Please pass on our sincere gratitude, what you do truly makes a difference in our lives while we are so far away from friends and family.


Operation Write Home,
I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful cards you made. The love and care as well as talent that made them is breathtaking. My mom always said there was nothing like a homemade card to say you care. Thank you for your time and support, you all are the reason we fight for the land we call home. You have an ama

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well received!

Sandy, thank you for sending the boxes of cards.  They were well received!  I asked the post office if I could put a box there and I was surprised when they said "yes."

Thank you again!
God Bless,

PS, thank you for the pic of the dog!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The picture of Ciara is hanging up in our office keeping watch over us

Thanks again for everything you have done for me and my team. We received the box of OWH cards and also the care package from your church. Please tell everyone at Northwest Church that we appreciate all the goodies and cards that they sent to our team. And thank the youngins that filled our box with all the candy!

Samantha, my wife, was really excited to have met you. She has a new found love of making cards and it's great she can share it with someone like yourself. I also look forward to meeting you, when my team returns. The picture of Ciara is hanging up in our office keeping watch over us.


When a new box arrives it doesn't last long

Email received by a cardmaker:

Dear Ms. Jeanne, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful OperationWriteHome cards that you make and send over to us. I cannot express what a blessing it is to have such beautiful hand made cards to send back to our loved ones in the States. Your cards are available through our USO here in Basrah and I can tell you that when a new box arrives it doesn't last long! Last night I used one of your cards to write a note home to my 11 year old son. It was a beautiful red, white, and blue card with a noble American eagle on it with the words "You are my best thought". What a perfect card for me to be able to send my boy. Thank you again for everything you do for our troops. You and all of the OpWriteHome volunteers bless us and our families on a daily basis. God's blessings to you and your loved ones.

Basrah, Iraq

Monday, August 9, 2010

He is coming home soon


I want to thank you so much for everything you do.  My husband who is in Afghanistan has received 2 boxes of cards from you, and everyone there seem to really enjoy them.  They are getting a lot of use out of them.  I wanted to let you know that he is coming home soon, so that you can take his name off of the mailing list.

He told me that you sent him a picture of your dog, so now I know what picture he got.  =]  

I am so excited!!  It won't be long now.  yay!!!
Thank you,

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Email to a Card Maker!!

My friend, Amy P. of Harrisburg, NC, got this terrific email from one of our Heroes!! Amy puts her email on the backs of the beautiful cards she creates.

My name is Catherine and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the lovely cards you create. I just wrote a letter to my mother and was so grateful to have some of your cards available. I am stationed in Northern Afghanistan at a new base, Camp Deh Dadi II. We have very limited facilities and no PX so donations from supporters like you is all we have. Thank you again for all of your hard work! The time and effort is very much appreciated!

Thank You!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Everyone tears through the box!!

Hello Ms. Dixie,

I recieved nother box of cards about three days ago. I apologize for the delay however, it has been a little busy around here with the RDD (Responsible Draw Down). But everyone still made time to tear through the box once I opened it. I'll continue to send you their appreciation but somehow I feel like these short emails don't get the point across of how appreciative these guys and myself truly are. So until I figure out something I guess this will have to do for now, but I'm not satsfied.

Army, Iraq

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Children got a fun card from daddy and were so thrilled

From a cardmaker:

Thank you so much for your wonderful service!!  I have received some of the sweetest handwritten letters from my husband on your homemade cards!!  Even each of my three children got a fun card from daddy and were so thrilled.  Please pass on our greatest thank you to those that help by donating cards, supplies, postage or their time.  Not only do our soliders appreciate them, the ones left behind do too!!!

By the way.   My husband will be coming home within the next month - a big surprise for us, so he will not need another shipment of cards.  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!


Makes us feel closer to our own homes

We recently received a huge box of cards from your organization, the pic of your dog was very popular!  Also the individual cards written to "heros" over here; especially cards with specific details like about how the weather has been in the sender's area or how their garden is growing.  Makes us feel closer to our own homes....

Thanks again. Attached a pic of me and my soldiers for you.  The one with the helicopter is called "hoist training".  We were helping the MEDEVAC team train for extracting wounded.  No one wounded in this pic, just practicing!  Its pretty fun getting run up that cable!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You all are the reason we fight for the land we call home

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful cards you made. The love and care as well as talent that made them is breathtaking. My mom always said there was nothing like a homemade card to say you care. Thank you for your time and support - you all are the reason we fight for the land we call home.

You have an amazing organization with such a noble purpose! In a world of technology it is so comforting to know how cherished the written word is. Thank you from an Airman in Iraq who misses his family greatly. Your cards are more valuable to me than you can know.

All God's blessings be upon you all!

With loving thoughts,

Monday, August 2, 2010

You have no idea how great it is

I just wanted to let you know that I received the write home cards. Thank you so much for what you and the write home team do for soldiers deployed around the world. You have no idea how great it is to be able to send a card from your deployed area and let you friends and family know you are ok with a heart felt card. There are about 300 soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in our unit. If you could please continue to send the cards. They have been greatly appreciated and the military members here are elated to have them.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just as we were down to the last ones of your previous box

Greetings from Kuwait! A heartfelt thank you for the box of beautiful cards. The creations arrived just as we were down to the last ones of your previous box.

Your dog's picture brought numerous smile and was posted by the cards for all to see. Upon opening the box a "fight" broke out over the frog card.*

One of the hero cards** was given to a patient who was stressed out. The card allowed him to feel a little extra love and a few moments of peace.

I will be returning home to family in August :) and look forward to benefiting from Operation Write Home on my next deployment. If you are in the [town name] area, stop by and say hi, it would be a true honor to meet you in person! Your contact info will be handed off to the next detachment.
**AnyHero cards
*we think this is the frog:

Everyone here loves them

Thank you so much for the cards! They are beautiful and so helpful. Everyone here loves them. I also love the pictures you sent of your dog. Very cute! It's nice to hear you are having good weather. It is way too HOT over here, average of 120 during the day.  Thank you for all your support!

I have continued to write my family almost every day

Kris and OWH....first off THANK YOU so much for your continued support. It means a lot to me and many others. I have continued to write my family almost every day using the cards you provide. I also take the cards around the unit. My tour is almost up but I plan on passing the tradition off to my replacement just as Maj W did for me. Again THANK YOU!

-Maj C.H.