Monday, July 5, 2010

So beautiful that I didn't want to share them

Thank you so much for the handmade cards. They are all so beautiful that I didn't want to share them. Bu I know I must. You should really think abou tselling your cards. I know that I would buy your handmade cards over Hallmark any day. Then, you could use some of the profits to buy card making supplies. Just a thought.

My husband, SGT J.R. also loved the box of cards you sent him.* I'm more of a writer than he is so I told him I would write the thank you letter. All of the guys that he works with in his motor pool really liked the cards too.

I love Ciara, the mascot. She looks perfect for the job.† My husband and I have 2 cats, Lucy and Patches. My husband got Lucy as a kitten from one of his friends before I had come back from our first deployment. She should be in those cute calendars with the jokes, she is just adorable. She loves to play and snuggle. We rescued Patches from the pound a few months before we deployed this time. She is still pretty small but we don't know exactly how old she is. She is a spaz and loves to play. I can't wait to get home and see them. They are our babies.

I can't believe that you find time to make cards for us. It's absolutely amazing that you have a fulltime job and do this during spare time! I'm glad you do it though. I never usually send letters or cards home, and now this gives me something to send and brighten the days of our families and friends back home.

Oh and I loved the card that SPC in Afghanistan made. That was pretty unique!

I hang the majority of cards I get from people on my cubicle walls and yours and your pictures are up there.

Well it's bedtime for me, Thanks again!


*They requested cards at the same time. I suspect a few are being exchanged between them at their deployed locations!
† I sent a photo of Ciara and Toby helping pack cards.

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