Monday, July 26, 2010

Card Maker Hears from a Hero!!

Card maker Ruth B. of Hillsborough, NJ got this nice email from one of our heroes!!

Hello - About a month ago, one of my Soldiers received a package from Operation Write Home and inside were handmade cards. I went through them and picked out a beautiful one and sent it home to my mother as my first "here I am in Iraq" letter. On the back of the card, I noted your email address and assumed that the card must have been your creation.

If that's the case, I just wanted to thank you for 1- participating in the program, and 2- for making such a beautiful card. I'm not very creative, but I can certainly tell that it took a great deal of work and time to make it. My mom got the card a few weeks ago, and loved the fact that I sent a handwritten letter and not an email.

Again, thank you very much. My guys have had a good time going through and finding appropriate and "pretty" cards for their wives and children, and I'm sure that their families are appreciating something hand written.

Major R.H.

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