Friday, April 9, 2010


(And yes, the email subject line was all caps! He cc'd cardmaker and AnyHero letter-writer Celeste on this, since he had her email...she got a biiiiig smile out of getting a letter from a hero!)

Celeste, Sandy and all those who sent us such uplifting notes with all the beautiful cards,

Thank you so much for the cards!!! All of you are such a blessing to the soldiers here! People just don’t send snail mail anymore! But after I give them my speech about how special it is for them to take the time to write a note, put it in an envelope, seal it and take it to the post office. And the delight from the recipient…..WOW! it speaks VOLUMES!!!!! And sooooooooooooooooo special. I will send you pictures of airmen writing out their cards.
Thanks again!

Prayers and blessings,

MSgt P.N.
Chaplain Assistant

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Scrapbooks And Etc. said...

Wow. That makes it even more fun and worthwhile.